Jessica Amortegui believes passion is a stimulant to better business results, and she brings plenty of it to her work with leaders, managers, and teams. In the midst of it all, she has found a universal truism: All people want to feel like they belong and that they matter. 

Jessica designs and delivers compelling experiences that bring this to life.  She brings a uniquely expansive approach to her work, operating at the intersection of various disciplines - that of a strategy consultant, organizational development practitioner,  culture shaping connoisseur, and  thought leader in the field of leadership and management development.

In a world where change is shaken and not stirred, people should feel anything but. Jessica architects unique interventions for organizations to thrive and flourish in the face of highly turbulent and uncertain conditions. 

Jessica is profoundly grateful for the academic and career experiences that have afforded her boundless passion.  She received an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and master's degrees from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania.  After her studies, she worked in various capacities at Deloitte, Booz & Co., IBM, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, VMware, and  most recently Logitech.  Since serendipitously finding her way to "the valley” in 2010,  she stumbled onto a place that shares her same uncanny energy, optimism, and grit. It's a place where she feels like she truly belongs.  And – more importantly - where the work she does really matters.

You can reach Jessica here.